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Understanding Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction treatment has helped thousands of people overcome dangerous addiction to cocaine and regain control of their lives.  Although the use of cocaine is widespread throughout the United States as well as many other parts of the world, there is still hope that there will one day be a world that does not suffer from cocaine addiction.  Treatment for cocaine addiction helps addicts find this glimmer of hope and take control of their own lives to live sober and cocaine free.

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cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine addiction treatment could be your only ticket to recovery.

Cocaine addiction treatment comes in many different forms offering treatment for a range of co-occurring conditions such as mental health disorders or addictions to other drugs or alcohol.  Many cocaine treatment centers also provide treatment for various other health conditions that may have been caused by the extended use of cocaine or which may have been prevalent prior to the use of cocaine and could be a part of why the addiction started.  Effective treatment for cocaine addiction includes a combination of detox, counseling and aftercare to provide the patient with the best possible chance of making a full recovery.

Detox: The First Step of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

During cocaine detox the patient eliminates cocaine from the system and may experience a range of withdrawal symptoms including sweats, nausea, anxiety, depression and lack of motivation.  Fortunately, the withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine use do not typically last very long and most are easily manageable through the detoxification process.  While detox may be the most uncomfortable part of cocaine addiction treatment, it is a vital first step to any successful and effective treatment program.

Cocaine detox typically takes between 4 and 7 days but for some people who suffer from a more serious addiction to cocaine, the physical detoxification period may last a few weeks to a month or more.  Cocaine addiction treatment centers provide a safe place for the recovering addict to detox from cocaine under medical supervision which ensures that their health and well-being is always top priority.

Counseling: The Long Term Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Counseling for cocaine addiction can last anywhere from 90 days (the minimum recommended length of time for effective treatment of any addiction) to many months or years.  Many recovering addicts find that continuing with their counseling and therapy sessions ensures that they remain on the right track and do not relapse.  Counseling for cocaine addiction includes two primary forms:

  • Individual Counseling: The patient talks one-on-one with a counselor about their past, present and future plans and how the cocaine addiction has affected them. These sessions are private and allow the patient to reflect on intimate situations and problems within their life.
  • Group Counseling: The patient works with a group of other patients who share similar problems or addictions and discussions are guided by a counselor or group moderator. These sessions help the addict to integrate back into society, build relationships and grow socially.

Aftercare: The Final Stage of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Most treatment centers and rehabilitation centers provide aftercare to their patients.  After counseling and therapy are completed and the patient is ready to transition into sober living or life outside of treatment, aftercare can help the patient to remain focused on their recovery without falling off track.  Aftercare services may include job placement or education assistance, help finding a sober living home or halfway house, assistance with daily routines and continued counseling to ensure the long term sobriety of the patient.  Effective treatment for cocaine addiction is continued with a quality aftercare program.