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Coke addiction is a dangerous condition that results from the long term, chronic use of cocaine either in the powder or rock form.  Cocaine addiction is not only devastating to the individual addicted to the drug, it also causes devastation amongst families, friends and members of the general society.   Individuals suffering from coke addiction are often faced with economic consequences such as loss of work, financial distress, Cocaine addictionand criminal charges that result from their extended use of cocaine.

When cocaine is first abused, the result is a “high” that includes feelings of increased energy, elated moods, burning sexual desire and a diminished appetite.  Unfortunately, cocaine dependence quickly follows and causes the need to take more of the drug to produce the same or a similar high as that first use.  The result is cocaine addiction which causes mood swings, irritability, depression, psychosis, anxiety and in severe cases may result in death.

In many cases, coke addiction causes the addict to lie, cheat or steal to get the money they need to feed their addiction.  Many addicts will steal from their own friends or family members to get money or valuables that can be traded for cocaine. Over time, cocaine addiction may cause the addict to lose their job, burn up all of their savings, lose their home or vehicle and they often give up other possessions of value just to feed their coke habit.

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Cocaine addiction indirectly affects family members, friends and individual members of society.  Crimes including theft, vandalism, sexual battery, rape, and murder can all be linked to individuals who abuse cocaine (this doesn’t mean that everyone who does cocaine will commit these crimes, just that such crimes have been committed in the past by individuals who were “high” on cocaine or addicted to cocaine).

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Fortunately, there is treatment for coke addiction.  Rehab centers and treatment centers throughout the United States provide various types of treatment and recovery options to assist those suffering from coke addiction in learning how to deal with their troubles without using drugs.  Coke addiction doesn’t have to be a death sentence—treatment for cocaine addiction can help even the most heavily addicted individual overcome the dependence on cocaine, heal from the trauma and troubles that were caused by their addiction and live drug free.