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Various treatment options are available for those suffering from cocaine addiction.  The most common forms of treatment for cocaine addiction are behavioral therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Community Reinforcement Programs.  Each of these treatment options are widely used and have been found to be very effective at treating addiction to cocaine.

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cognitive behavioral therapy for cocaine addiction treatmentCognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a method that helps to prevent relapse amongst those in recovery from cocaine addiction by teaching the patient to learn how to recognize and avoid potential triggers that could cause relapse.  This method of treatment for cocaine addiction was first developed to treat those suffering from alcoholism or drinking problems but was later adapted to help treat those addicted to cocaine as well.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the theory that, “learning processes play a critical role in the development of maladaptive behavioral patterns.” The idea is that people can correct problematic behaviors by learning various skills that can effectively be used to stop their drug use.  This type of treatment for cocaine addiction consists of using various strategies to evoke total self-control for the recovering addict.

Studies show that the skills which a patient learns during CBT stay with them long after treatment has been completed.  This type of therapy is so effective that many addicts who learn this approach to avoiding relapse actually make it through a full year of recovery without relapse which is typically the most difficult part of any solid recovery plan.

Community Reinforcement programsCommunity Reinforcement Programs

Another common type of treatment for cocaine addiction is the Community Reinforcement method which utilizes vouchers and other community offerings as incentives for the patient to reach certain recovery goals.  Because many cocaine addicts lose interest in life without cocaine and actually find it difficult to feel happy post addiction, the Community Reinforcement programs which provide the patient with tangible items that they want in return for them reaching their recovery goals tend to work quite well.

Community Reinforcement using Vouchers is typically a  24 week process of treatment for cocaine addiction that helps the patient to maintain abstinence long enough to learn new life skills that will help them to sustain such abstinence and also to reduce alcohol consumption which in turn will reduce the use of cocaine.  Patients will attend counseling sessions at least once a week and will submit to random drug testing.  For tests that come back clean, the patient is rewarded with a voucher that may be a gift certificate to their favorite department store or restaurant or it may be some other item of value.  The further the patient makes it through the Community Reinforcement program, the more valuable the vouchers become.

Community Reinforcement for cocaine addiction treatment helps patients to rebuild their hope and happiness.  This process has been tested in many urban and rural areas and has been used successfully in many outpatient treatment programs.